Brookes SU wants you to bunk off on Wednesdays

They’ve launched a petition to stop afternoon lectures in favour of “extra curricular” activities

A new petition launched by our own SU hopes to overrule the previous regulation that required Brookes students to be available from 9am-8pm Monday to Friday.

The petition, which has over 1,000 signatures, proposes students should be able to keep their Wednesday afternoons free from lectures for sports.

Essentially, they want you to bunk off.

Will Crisp, VP of student experience, told The Tab: “We launched the petition just a week ago at the Annual General Meeting where students overwhelmingly supported a motion on this issue, and are currently up to 1200 signatures which we’re delighted with.”

“It’s fantastic that 1200 students have engaged with us over this policy change and it just shows how contentious this issue is for Brookes students”.

The new rules suggested dictate that Wednesday’s be kept lecture free from 12 noon onwards.

With over 1,200 signatures gained it seems like Wednesday afternoon lectures will soon be a thing of the past.

If your a fan of this new proposed change, check out the link here.