How to pull a psychology student

Bag yourself a saucy shrink

Sadly, modern-day courting requires a little know-how about mind games.

And who better to test your pulling plays with than a psychology student?


Psychology students really dig analysing you. So let them. Even if you think what they say is complete bum rubbish, just nod and think about footy or if you’re the cooking type, herbs.

If they suspect you have Daddy issues because of your teddy bear attachment, or if under the pressure of chirpsing you accidentally say ‘dickchops’ instead of the word ‘chopsticks’ and it’s apparently a “Freudian slip” – go with it.


Analyse this

If what she believes is true and we’re all secretly attracted to our parents, how about as a sexy surprise, you dress up as Father Christmas and dance to Chas and Dave? You’re welcome.

Or you could take her on a date to Wagamama’s and feed each other with dickchops.

I really don’t mind, these are just ideas. Like the slightly confusing parent-role figure I have depicted, I just want you to be happy and have as much sex as possible.