Report blames students for ‘contributing to Oxford’s housing shortage’

Where do they get off?

A recent report has blamed students for Oxford’s housing shortage, claiming that around 10,000 students are living in houses that could be used as residences for families instead.

The study goes on to suggest the issue could be fixed by the creation of more university-managed accommodation for Oxford and Brookes students, and the introduction of 1,400 new family homes.

Site for new student housing

The supposed best route to take is the creation of up to 7,100 “student beds of sufficient quality and appropriate price” in Botley, which is a convenient 40 MINUTES away from Brookes.

Ellie Crew, a third year law student at Brookes, argued that:

“The houses are being bought by landlords specifically to rent out to students – it’s becoming a booming enterprise and one which can’t solely be stopped by building new student accommodation.

“They can build student accommodation until they’re blue in the face but unless they put a cap on what the landlords can or cannot buy this isn’t going to solve the problem.”