I high fived Morgan Freeman at Oxford Union

The day I touched the hand of god

Probably the most hotly anticipated speaker at the Oxford Union this term was Morgan Freeman, a man who has played a plethora of iconic roles ranging from God in Bruce Almighty to a prisoner in Shawshank Redemption.

Commanding the union like he has commanded countless audiences for years, Morgan Freeman spoke on a range of topics from how he first got into acting, when he was only 13, to Black History Month.

With effortless wit he answered any question that Union President Mayank Banerjee asked and while at times he seemed to take a matter very seriously he still managed to entertain the crowd and play with Banerjee.

It seemed at times Benerjee had met his match with Morgan Freeman silencing him by simply placing his head in his hand when Banerjee said “and with a final couple of questions from me.”

After a somewhat confusing Q&A it seemed Morgan Freeman had had enough of Oxford smarts for one day.

The first question seemed to go on for about 5 minuets and there didn’t seem to be a question in there at all. Puzzling the entire audience, Mr Freeman quickly responded with “was there a question in there?” Everyone quickly realised the poor member had got a little star struck and couldn’t quite pose a question to the imposing A-Lister.

However that was probably not the strangest question of the night as someone stood up and claimed he had “seen all of [Morgan Freeman’s] films and would like a selfie” as all of his photos were too blurry.

He was quickly told to sit down and behave himself in the presence of the almighty.

Red is in the building

Red is in the building


There was a massive buzz surrounding the talk, with over 2,000 attending on the Facebook event.

Some students resorted to queuing for stupidly long amounts of time. Business First year Julia Mo says she “queued for 10 hours”.

Luckily I managed to secure a seat by the entrance after queuing for only five hours.

As Morgan Freeman finished he received a standing ovation from the crowd and waved as he was walking down the chamber.


As he reached my row he lowered his hand a high fived all of us.

Holy High Five

Holy High Five

Very little can describe the feeling of knowing you have high fived one of the most iconic figures of our time.

My life has now reached its peak.