It’s official: Brookes is best

Move along Oxford, there’s a new kid in town

Oh, you’re still here? Great!

The winter chills are setting in and what better way to warm one’s heart than a validation of why the uni that could is also the best.

After freshers and seven weeks of ‘hard work’ we’ve beaten the mid semester blues, experienced a few drunken nights at Fuzzy’s and tackled a couple of essays. Therefore it is fair for us to say we are now able to form an educated opinion about Brookes.

There are no condescending individuals with an intellectual superiority complex (no offence Oxford)

Lets face it: we are at Brookes. With the average workload being next to nothing for the majority, we here at ‘Oxford no books’ gain the valuable experience of not only academia but a flourishing social scene as well.



Its not what’s up there – as in, in your head – that matters, ranked by the independent University Guide as 48th out of 123 other universities for 2015 and I quote ‘one of the most highly rated new universities’ we pride ourselves on the university experience.

We constantly look forward, preferring to make history as oppose to dwelling on past success. Yeah, Oxford.

Two words for the uninitiated: Fuzzy Ducks. Students from across the country flock to this seedy mecca, just hoping that they could get as lucky as Brookes students.

The country loves us and where Oxford lacks social skills, Brookes more than makes up for.

Brookes 2


Brookes are well known for their talent in the rowing department, with alumni such as two time Olympic gold medal winner: Steve Williams.

Their vigorous training regime (topless) is also a site not to be missed.

A second year psychology student confessed: “I do enjoy a cheeky look into their training room after a zumba class”.

Timetable to follow.

John Henry Brookes Building


The study area of kings


Winning more awards every day, this £135 million RIBA award winning building is pretty darn swanky.

One Business third year says: “The new building has a great atmosphere and its easy to work in the new library”.

With a floating lecture theatre and windows that open automatically what more could a student want?


What’s that? the forum is too cold? try wearing a coat next time. Idiot.

Brookes Alumni

Believe it or not we have some pretty awesome alumni to rave about – not limited to self-confessed floppy-haired cheater Alex Mytton from Made in Chelsea.

The infamous cheating scandal rumoured to have been initiated in the (now shut) Clems made it that much closer to home.

alex mytton

Steve Ridgeway CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airways also went to Brookes, as did Jay Osgerby, designer of the 2012 Olympic torch.

Surely this gives us hope?

Go big or go home

Yes Oxford isn’t the cheapest city to live in… expect a pint to cost around 4 quid. According to the university average Brookes students spend at least £303 a week plus accommodation (not including a separate fund set aside for bars, pubs and clubs).

This means that by the time of graduation, Brookes student come away with the invaluable life skill of being able to balance one’s finances.

Oxford itself as a city to live in isn’t bad either I guess.