Vote for the Best Club in Oxford

Stop bragging about your nights and let our poll tell you the definitive best

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Are you an Eskimo? Or a Fuzzyduck? Vote here, and decide once and for all which club is the best in Oxford


Home to Fuzzyducks. This infamous club night where all the Brookes’ sports teams come out to play without fail.

Described as “disgustingly brilliant” it’s also known as “the easiest place to get laid in the UK.”

If that’s up your alley, then you’ll love Wahoo.





This is the “Klassy” club for the more sophisticated night out, where it’s socially acceptable rather than impractical and dangerous to wear a dress and heels or anything white.

Who says students can't afford champagne?

Who says students can’t afford champagne?


Purple Turtle

The fact it’s free entry says it all really, brilliant for a cheap night out and for the hardcore any-day of the week clubbers.

Some have suggested that it was better last year, so definitely has potential. Up for debate?

It was all too much  in Purple Turtle

It was all too much in Purple Turtle



The playground for BNOC’s, beautiful people and of course Old Man Bridge.

Whether you love Eskimo or MNB this is the place to be seen.

Second year Psychology student Abi Smith aptly summarised Bridge. She says: “Hate Monday mornings, love Monday nights”.

The only club with a pole.

The only club with a pole.



Warehouse? Junction? Despite the brand new name, it’s pretty much exactly the same.

The main student night Kandy goes up against Eskimo every Friday, where will we be seeing you?

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Is it your fave?


Lola Lo

Intimate would be an understatement.

Second year English student Bethan Creasey says:“It’s the only club in Oxford that could fit in your front room”.

Most people go for the Fresher’s Steam Train club crawl, but would you go back?

Buzzing Vibe



At the other end of the spectrum, there’s Lava.

Even a practiced second year says: “Lava is so big you can get lost- an absolute maze.”

Each room you go into offers a different vibe and Lava pretty much caters for everyone and with regular celebrity guests like Hodor a.k.a. Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones DJ-ing, what more could you ask for?

Night of his life

That’s Mr. Hodor to you