It’s official: Nobody likes Wheatley

We asked you to vote for your worst halls, and you didn’t disappoint

Last week we asked you to vote for the worst halls at Oxford Brookes and you delivered.

And it turns out the worst are to be found in Wheatley.

Lady Spencer Churchill Hall has the dubious honour of winning the poll with a landslide 45% of the votes.

Nothing even comes close.

Nothing even comes close

Unsurprisingly you all confirmed that it’s shit. Sorry for all you unsuspecting freshers. You chose the wrong place to live, plain and simple.

The Chateau was next in line with only 16% of the votes, barely reaching the levels of hatred for poor old Lady Spencer Churchill.

At least the trees are pretty.

At least the trees are pretty

If you live there you can console yourself with the surrounding countryside. It’s not like there’s anything else.

Wheatley, Brookes hates you, but then again, what else is new?