Brookes Gym: What to wear

This October, the Tab tells you what to wear as you lift, squat, hike and dribble your way through Autumn.

From jogging, kick boxing and running to hip hop and yoga, the latest crop of cardio classes and workout sessions have begun to make the gym a much more enticing prospect.

However, as the popularity of the gym increases, so does the demand to adapt your wardrobe. Wearing the Oxford-hoodie-and-football-short-combo every day just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

So the Tab hit the streets around the city centre to find cute, practical and affordable workout outfits to help you plan your gym wardrobe to meet the demands of the modern day gym environment. You’ll be amazed how motivated you’ll feel to do those sit-ups afterwards.


Nike Vapor Court Ld40 White/Silver, £41.99, Lonsdale Jogging Patalons Grey/White, £29.99, USA Pro Medium Bra Top, £8.00




H&M Running top, £12.99, Sports tights, £14.99, Yoga jacket, £29.99, Sports bra Low support, £12.99, Schuh Womens Converse white all star trainers, £45.00



Nike free 5.0 TR FIT 4 iD £115.00, H&M Push-up sports bra, £14.99, Short yoga tights, £7.99 Padded fleece jacket, £29.99



Nike free 5.0 TR FIT 4 iD trainers £115.00, H&M Hooded running top, £14.99 Running tights, £24.99 Bodywarmer, £24.99



Schuh Womens Converse white all star trainers, £45.00 H&M Sports bra Low support, £12.99 Yoga trousers, £19.99 Yoga jacket, £29.99


Models: Iulia Maria Ionescu, Aylin Bayhan