Have you seen the Woman in Grey?

Everyone’s talking about the mysterious Ghost of M Block

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There have been multiple sightings of a mysterious woman around M block in Clive Booth Student Village.

This elderly lady is only ever seen during the day and is always seen wearing her long grey coat having a smoke.

One reported sighting from first year Motorsport Technology student Alex Trimm who spotted her as he was coming out of his flat going to the shops.

He says: “She was facing me and staring directly at me, no expression.”

Just before the close encounter Alex managed to snap a pic of her.

Who is she?

While some people think the elusive figure might be from the nursery in Clive Booth, others are convinced she is a ghost.

However one eyewitness: first year Sports Coaching student Jack Grundy, told the Tab:

“I saw her walking down Pullens Lane and followed her for a bit all the way down to a convent.”

Does this mean we have a smoking nun in Clive Booth?


The mysterious Lady

One student followed the mysterious figure all the way to Harberton Mead before losing her.

The intrepid investigator says: “There was only on drive way she would have had time to turn down and that led to the Convent of the Assumption.”

The convent, owned by an order of nuns, run a hostel for Brookes students.

If you know anyone that has stayed in this hostel ask them if they know this mysterious woman in grey and her apparently secretive smoking habit.

The truth is out there.

And we will find it.