MNB: Monday Night Boobs

Free the nipple

Punters got more than they bargained for at MNB this week, when one partygoer stripped off on the dance-floor.

In what is possibly Freshers’ first streaker of the year, the nameless girl found a novel way of cooling off at Bridge by losing both her top and bra.

Extreme nip slip

Extreme nip slip

At around 1am on the dancefloor upstairs, revellers witnessed this girl take off her top and stand in her bra.

"So... You've got a great pair. I mean personality."

“So… You’ve got a great pair. I mean personality.”

Within minutes the bra was off too, and a flurry of iPhones raced to capture a photo of the mysterious nudist.

The flasher persevered even when security chased her to put her top back on.

She couldn't care less

Second year Politics student Kishan Bahra, who saw the girl reveal all, said: “I think my reaction to the whole thing was ‘Wow, she must be off her fucking nut’.

“I was certainly surprised when my mate told me to turn around to look.

“Hopefully she isn’t feeling too bad this morning, although I’d recommend ibuprofen, a glass of water and maybe staying on the down low for a bit till this blows over.”

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