Brookes hates cheats: only 48 students caught cheating in the past five years

Either that or they’re just really good at not getting caught

Nearly fifty Brookes students in the past five years have been caught red-handed cheating during exams. 

Over half of these cheaters were caught using “unauthorised notes”, while the rest were penalised for trying to cram in extra writing time after the exam had ended.

The criteria were split into ‘continuing to write after the end of the examination was announced’ and ‘unauthorized notes used during the examination’.

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16 students were caught cheating continuing to write after the end of the examination.

For this, Brookes’ punishments can range from a formal warning, to a much more serious deduction of ten per cent from their examination mark.

That’s the equivalent of nearly a whole grade boundary – ouch.

Some students however, think this punishment is a bit harsh.

3rd year history student Natalie Stringer says:  “Once you start writing and build up momentum it’s very hard to stop.”


All that writing for nothing

Those students stupid enough to use notes during the exams faced even tougher punishments.

32 students risked failing the entire module altogether and zero marks for relevant questions from using unauthorized notes.

However putting things in perspective, 48 students caught over the past five years out of over 11,000 is pretty good going (for a poly).