Brookes brings sexy back to league table rankings

Oxford Brookes came 48th in the top 50 universities according to 2015 league table rankings.

Brookes saw off stiff competition from the likes of Goldsmiths and Swansea to secure a solid place inside the top 50.

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Move bitch, get out the way

Whilst we have never been known for our outstanding academic prowess, Brookes still manages to provide vocational subjects that rank in the top ten including Architecture, Building, Land & Property Management and Physiotherapy.

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Looks like the long wait was worth it as our brand spanking new building had an immediately noticeable influence on league table rankings, catapulting us into 7th place in the Green League table.

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We were sad to see our big brother Oxford beaten down once again and in seemingly permanent submission to Cambridge. Better luck next time, old bean!

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