JHB building to close after structural integrity is compromised

Lecture theatre in danger of collapsing onto the Forum

JHBB is to close temporarily during Easter and may not re-open before summer exams. *

Despite the extended delays in the opening of the JHBB, the building will have to shut once again due to structural malfunctions.

According to a university statement, the impressive lecture theatre suspended over the Forum has been slowly “slipping”, due to the lack of support beneath it.

Without emergency works, the lecture theatre is in danger of collapsing entirely.


Calm before the storm

The decision to close the new John Henry Brookes building was made after routine structural maintenance work carried out on the floating lecture theatre revealed it may be in danger of falling if proper measures are not taken.

The issue had been brought to staffs attention after several complaints were received from students complaining of ‘weird creaking noises’ and ‘wobbly sensations’ felt when the theatre was at its full capacity.

As immediate measures must be taken to prevent further damage, the Forum and entrance will be closed off in order for renovations to take place. These renovations will occur soon after term breaks, which means bad news for any students staying in Oxford over the break hoping to sneak in some extra revision before exams.

With the colonnade still being built and this drastic issue appearing  so early after the buildings initial opening,  questions are now being asked about the integrity of the rest of the building.

* Gotcha. The JHBB will not be closed. The building is fine and you’re all safe.

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