Brookes BNOC 2014: the winner

Today we determine just who is the biggest name on campus

You’ve been voting in your thousands for Brookes BNOC of the year and after two weeks of competing, Tilda Emlyn-Williams is our first ever Brookes BNOC!

Tilda beat the girls with the 53% of the vote and was up against the formiddable Clubber Steve in the final, who beat the boys with 41% of the vote. You decided that Tilda was to be the first ever Brookes BNOC and she took the lead in the final with 55% of the vote.


Tilda was unavailable to talk to the Tab about winning, but we had a chat to the runner-up Clubber Steve, who wished Tilda congratulations on winning the title. He told us he is still extremely happy with his achievement in the competition and wants to thank everyone who voted for him.

Steve also told the Tab that he was “shocked” to be nominated in the first place and very pleased to be chosen to compete for the title. “Obviously, having a blog meant that someone out there voted for me and I am eternally grateful.” Lastly, he wanted to give a huge thank you to his clubbing manager, Joe Parton.

Congratulations Tilda, the first ever Brookes BNOC!

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