Brookes BNOC 2014: the boys

Vote for the guy you’d most like to see in the final of Brookes BNOC 2014.

Last week The Tab asked you to nominate your friends and fellow students for the prestigious title of “Big Name on Campus”. After sorting through your emails, the Tab team have narrowed it down to 6 boys and 6 girls who will face a vote. The winning boy and girl will go head to head in the final next Wednesday.


Joshua Vintner-Jackson

You may already recognise third (or maybe fourth, no one’s really sure) year student Joshua from this year’s Will you be my (Brookes) Valentine? He can always be found on the social scene and is known for a variety of talents/his ability in the bedroom.

Clubber Steve

Best known for his blog and love of “clubbing at boob level” (his words, not ours), third year Clubber Steve is probably one of the most recognised students at Brookes. From being president of the quiz squad to releasing his own range of t-shirts, he’s already reached dizzying heights of fame.


Henry Manley-Cooper

Known for his love of alcohol and… unusual clothing choices, fresher Henry is strongly involved in the social scene at Brookes. He can often be found clubbing in a bright pink suit or passed out after a night of heavy drinking (demonstrated below).


Josh Bryant 

Josh is recognised by many due to his sociable personality and the fact that everybody seems to know who he is. He can be found attending various club nights and is involved in a variety of sports, including rugby, American football and boxing.


Edd Yerburgh

Said to be one of the biggest party animals at Brookes, Edd can be found at most club nights attempting to drink through his hangover from the night before. He is also known for punishing others for throwing up and wasting precious alcohol, as seen below. We’ve been tipped off that apparently, the water bottle is full of vodka.


Thomas Benyon

Dubbed the “Prince Harry of Brookes”, Thomas is distinguished by his large fan club of girls who all want to be his best friend. He is known for his love of pies, Chelsea football club and the inability to go 24 hours without getting a parking ticket.



So which ones of these guys do you think deserves a chance at the title? Vote in The Tab’s poll below:



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