Things that are older than Brookes

Oxford Brookes is officially 150 years young, but here are a few things that aren’t.

Oxford Brookes kick-starts its  150th birthday celebration today at the Ashmolean Museum so we took a look at some local attractions that rival our ‘ageing’ university:

Ashmolean Museum

Even the venue exceeds Brookes paltry 150 years as the first University museum built in 1678. Brookes is really throwing it all up this year.

The Turf Tavern


Built in 1842, good ol’ Aussie prime minster Bob Hawke famously skulled a yard glass here. Fortunately the Brookes Sports bar bans this type of ‘Lad’ behaviour. Not like that has ever stopped us before.

Bodleian Library

Established 1602, the Boliden library entrance bears the impressive Coats of Arms oxford. In comparison, the newly opened  John Henry Brookes building boasts self aware, automatically opening windows.

The Bear Inn

Heralded as the oldest pub in Oxford, famous for its quirky collection of ties dating back to the 1900s  this would make a fine addition to a traditional pub crawl.

Tortoises in the Galapagos Islands


These majestic creatures that inhabit the islands are said to have life-spans of over 100 years. You can find similar creatures lurking in the new public library.

The Grand Café

Whilst Brookes students now have the forum, I don’t think Chelsea Clinton will be bringing her Dad here for lunch anytime soon.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre


What deadlines?

Built in 1599 the Brooke’s glee club has the answer to this classic performance house.

The Botanic Gardens

Founded in the sixteen hundreds, the Botanical Gardens were created with a mission to promote the attainment of learning and  glorification of nature. But why bother with all that when Brookes offers a ‘space to think’ with mature trees and well-defined planting plates?

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