Get drunk, not fat

It’s the guide you’ve been waiting for: how to drink and not get fat

In this health conscious world we often find ourselves questing for the next health craze or the newest cheat that might just help us a lose few pounds. We are sure you’re aware of the all too common cliché that many students gain weight whilst studying at University (82% of students to be exact), with two stone being the staggering average that a fresher will gain in their first year.

No stranger to drinking.

Case in point

A student survey found that the top 5 causes of weight gain in university students included:

  • Stress
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Post night out fast food binges
  • Pressure to fit in
  • Failing to see a balanced diet as a priority

However, let’s not be punching extra holes in our polo belts just yet; as here at The Tab we are striving to remove excessive alcohol from of the top five. And in order to do this have compiled a list of drinks that not only contain a favourable alcohol percentage, but also come up light in calorific terms.

(For comparative reasons only; one should note that pure ethanol unofficially tops the list boasting a 100% volume alongside 238 calories per 1.5oz shot.)


Put the champagne down

 Jose Cuervo Especial (Gold)

Topping the list with everyone’s regrettable favourite; the Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Label flaunts an impressive 40% proof paired with a modest 96 calories per shot. Combine this figure friendly spirit with excessive dancing and copious amounts of lemon slices and you’ll be feeling healthier in no time.

 Gordon’s Gin

A British classic; Gordon’s Gin is more of a joint first than a graceful second as this to flashes a 40% volume whilst only containing a discreet 96 calories per shot. Pair in with a slim line tonic and you’re on to a winner.


They’re so slimming he’ll have another

 Knob Creek Bourbon

Probably not one of the more common in-club tipples. Nevertheless, this brand of Kentucky bourbon brandishes an eye wateringly strong 50% volume whilst at the same time maintaining a safe 120 calories per 1.5oz shot. So if you’re looking to stay sharp and stay lean, Knob Creek comes highly recommended.

 Absolut Vodka

Whether we like it or not, vodka often finds a way to intrude on our nights in one way or another, so why not opt for healthier option. Swedish manufactured Absolut packs an impressive 40% proof alongside a manageable 96 calories per shot. Making it both a healthy and refreshing change from (let’s say) Tesco’s Impeial.

 Smirnoff Vodka (Blue Label)

The second vodka on our list; the blue label variation of the classic Smirnoff packs a fierce 50% proof beside a mild 121 calories per shot, making it another favourable student tipple.


However, if shots aren’t your poison; throw your drink of choice alongside a standard Diet Coke. One might also be interested to know that due to the lack of sugar, a diet mixer will allow you become intoxicated quicker as the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream is not hindered.

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