The five bags you see at Brookes

You’re so predictable


The Functional

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The classic signs of the functional is the colour black, in a slight shiny nylon or dirt-resistant fabric. It is dull but the popular option.

These bags swallow pack lunches, laptops, and large over sized text books, the best part is that they are half the size of the person carrying it.

 The Luxury Tote

Only a Brookes socialite could have a monogrammed bag

Only a Brookes socialite could have a monogrammed bag

This  beyond luxury tote is made by the designer Anya Hindmarch and they don’t come cheap.

Personalized with the initial of its owner, to grab one of these will take a hit to you’re bank balance and send poor students deep into an overdraft.

These bags are ideal for iPads, overflowing purses, and daddy’s credit cards. 

 The Herschel

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Most likely to be seen on hipsters

Slightly more alternative,  basic and practical. The American Hershel is functional and fair trade, pleasing both you’re back and freeing your hands.

Very ideal for those students keen to look cool on campus.

 The Sophisticated Bag


These sophisticated Mulberry bags, can be seen around campus on rare occasions. An expensive designer luxury for a Brookes student, but an ideal unique addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

You don’t have to be Cara Delevingne to look good with one of these on your arm.

 The Conscious Tote


Perfect for carrying those library books

The conscious tote bag is functional but not for everyone. They’re practical and cheap. Like you.