What a guy should wear

We asked various girls around campus what they like a guy to wear.

The Tab asked various girls on campus what they find attractive on a guy… pay attention.

The ladies said YES to:

Dressing smart: Girls love the sophisticated look apparently.


Snazzy trainers: We know we said we love the smart look but a guy that can work some New Balance or Nike Air Maxes always catches your eye.

fresher cheney

Black: The colour black never fails to make us girls swoon over guys but only when done in the right way. No back shirts paired with black trousers (unless you’re performing on stage.)

Leather: We’re in love with guys in leather aviator and biker jackets.

facebook 2

Originality: If you’re unique and confident enough to pull off whatever your wearing then you’ll get attention no matter what.


The ladies said NO to:

Skinny Jeans: Jeans on guys that our skinnier than ours is such a turn off.

skinny jeans

Barbour jackets: There was a time when these were acceptable but it’s time to hang up your coats boys… literally!


Baggy jeans: We don’t want to see your underwear! Leave something to the imagination.

Brightly coloured chinos: Chuck out your bright yellow and red chinos. They are better left to the boys plucking partridges in Cheney Courtyard.

coloured chinosd

Pointy shoes: To save comparisons between you and your dad, avoid pointy shoes.

pointy shoes

Brand whores: Guys head to toe in Abercrombie and Hollister. Leave these awful clothes to your school days.

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