The look of love: a Valentine’s fashion shoot

It’s black tie with a hint of Valentine’s day

This semester add flair to black tie with Beaufort & Blake unique patterned dress shirts and Alumni Links of Oxford handcrafted cufflinks. For smart casual blazers, see Koysuits for their brightly coloured offerings. While the perfect ball gown can be found at The Ballroom Emporium.

©Andre Rhoden-Paul (13)


©Andre Rhoden-Paul (7)

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1copyright andrer rhoden-paul_mini

©Andre Rhoden-Paul (17)

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©Andre Rhoden-Paul (14)

©Andre Rhoden-Paul (15)

rsz_ ©andre rhoden-paul

Make-up Artist : Viola Marku

Models: Aylin Bayhan, Ed Hayden, Johnathan Noble & Viola Marku

Styling & Direction: André Rhoden-Paul & Hannah Kaur Sommal 

André Rhoden-Paul  

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