Neck and nominate video: student strips in lecture

We’ve finally found a neck and nominate video that won’t bore you to tears.

  • Fresher strips to mankini in packed lecture
  • Downs mixture of milk, rum and egg
  • Video racks up 436 likes in less than 24 hours

After the increasingly dull frenzy of ‘neck and nominate’ videos clogging up all of our Facebook news-feeds, one Brookes fresher dared to push the boundaries and keep our interest sky high.

TJ, a German native, sparked huge interest when he silently stripped down for the camera to nothing more than a Borat style mankini in the back of his psychology lecture filled with over 50 students.

Screenshot 2014-02-05 at 12.34.21

The fearless fresher then proceeded to complete his ‘nomination’ by drinking a lethal looking concoction of: milk, rum, Fosters, pre-workout powder and an egg – covering pretty much every food group in one midday snack.

The drinking game is organised over social media sites, such as Facebook, and sees guys (and the occasional girl) uploading footage of them downing a drink, or several, of their choice. The drinker must then nominate two friends who have 24 hours..and so on.

No stranger to drinking.

No stranger to drinking.

We have to ask though, how did the girl sitting to his left maintain such control? After a quick glance in TJ’s direction as he lost his clothes she somehow managed to avert her gaze for the remainder of the entire performance.

Although the video has been on the internet for just 24 hours it’s already attracted an impressive 436 likes on Facebook.

The Tab thinks it’s safe to say that TJ’s lecture notes must have been rather sparse that day.



Check back soon for our round up of the best Brookes neck and nominates videos.

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