Woman falls from third floor window in Clive Booth

Woman rushed from halls with ‘life-threatening’ injuries.

A woman has suffered “life threatening” injuries after falling from a third floor window in Clive Booth.

The incident took place yesterday morning at 10:30am and police officers remained at the halls until 3pm speaking to witnesses. The events surrounding the fall are still under investigation.

Lucy Billen, a Thames Valley Police spokeswoman, said: “she was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital with very serious injuries. The injuries were described as life-threatening and then as potentially life-changing.”


Matthew Butler, a spokesperson for Brookes, added: “The woman who fell was not a student at Oxford Brookes and was not a member of staff.”

The Tab have been unable to verify whether the girl was the friend or relative of a student living in the halls.

Clive Booth remained open whilst the incident was investigated and is still accessible to all student and staff.

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