5 alternative places to revise

Bored of working in the library surrounded by the same people? Help is at hand.

The Brookes library now has a more demoralizing student seat ratio than a twisted game of musical chairs.

Although the new library it set to open within weeks you’ll be unable to access it, or the existing one, for five days whilst they move the books. Or maybe you’re just looking for a change of scenery. Either way here are some handy alternatives.

The Abercrombie Building 9/10

Providing a taster of the new architecture the Abercrombie building offers a great alternative without the need to venture too far. The Café comes with a wealth of caffeinated drinks and good food on tap making it a welcome place to slog through all those notes you should have started looking at two days ago.

I say welcome but make sure those textbooks you’ve brought are pretty robust hardbacks because you’ll have to beat off an army of misanthropic architecture, construction, real estate and planning students who hate the very idea of people using an often unused area to study, even though we all paid for it.


Safer than using one of the computers.

G&D’s, Cowley Road 6/10

A great alternative for those living on Cowley who can’t be arsed to trek up Divinity Road. Sadly the WIFI is only free for 30 minutes but homemade milkshakes and warm dime bar cookies more than make up for it.

Grab a window seat and wile away a couple of hours people watching (that essay only counts for 20% anyway.)


Reading that text book is good for you.

New Waterstones Café 8/10

The new Waterstones Café in town is well worth the bus trip. Surrounded by books, you get the same academic buzz as a library and get a decent amount of work done. I talk from experience because I did half of this article in there.


Revision with a view.

Pub (City Arms) 6/10

I thought this was a stupid idea until both my housemates spent a productive day revising at the City Arms. During the quieter hours of the day, it’s pretty comfortable, has free Wi-Fi and a shit load of booze to spice up that boring textbook/ journal article/ revision. Don’t stay too long though, or you’ll be surrounded by piss artists spilling Fosters on your laptop.


Some twat with a pint.

Your Bedroom 2/10,

When all else fails, remember there’s always revising at your desk. Not ideal for a lot of people, but it’s better than procrastinating all over Oxford, trying to find a place to study!


I know what I’d rather be doing.


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