Dear Tab readers

A letter from us to you.

Dear Tab Readers,

Firstly, welcome back. My name’s Rosie, I’m a 3rd year History of Art student and last year I helped set up the Brookes Tab.

In our first twenty-four hours we had over 3000 hits rising to a massive 30,000 in November. Since May we’ve kept you updated on the library delays, ranted about some architecture students and even persuaded people to take their clothes off for your viewing pleasure.


Now it’s your turn to get involved. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why.

We aren’t run or controlled by the University. The Tab is run for students, by students who get to write what they want as often or as little as they like. We don’t care what school you went to, what degree you do or what your political views are (although if you’re going to write about them, nothing too extreme please).

You don’t need any experience in journalism and we’re not going to make you sit through some scary, formal interview. Or any interview for that matter. Afterwards you have something pretty interesting to put on your CV that people are actually impressed by. If you’re going to get involved with something at Uni you might as well make it something employers are going to care about – and they will, whether it’s for a career in journalism or not.


If you do want to become a writer you’ll have a head start. Alumni have scored jobs with the Guardian, the Times, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, Buzzfeed and Vice to name just a few. Our articles get picked up by nationals every single week, the Tab’s name is quickly becoming recognised by media moguls everywhere. Have a look.

Perhaps most importantly it’s a great experience and a lot of fun. You’ll be automatically invited to our summer and Christmas parties (which I’d love to tell you all about if I could remember it) with all the other Tabs from across the country and on top of that there are end of term team meals and drinks in Oxford.  Oh and we give you a free t-shirt.

If any of that has caught your attention get in touch at [email protected] and say hello or send us a message on Facebook.

Lots of love,

Rosie and the whole Brookes team.