The Big Brookes Balls Up

New results page fails to cope with heavy traffic.

Students nervously awaiting their results this morning were met with a barrage of blank webpages and sites that wouldn’t load.

In an attempt to prevent the primary student interface site from crashing, Brookes’ best and brightest came up with an idea for a site dedicated to diverting traffic away from the enfeebled PIP and towards a page specifically designed for mass traffic.

But students were greeted once again with an all too familiar error message.

An all too familiar sight.

An all too familiar sight.

Many were forced to wait so long for webpages to load that they began to wonder if the new library might finally be complete. Others bravely ignored instructions to stay away from PIP and tried to log on regardless.

Comments from disgruntled students deftly summaries the reception of the results site.

One third year student called the system “a pain in the ass” and another just called it “shit”.

It seem that the page seems likely to go down in Brookes’ history, along with PIP, as the most pathetic piece of internet engineering to date.

Here’s hoping the technicians will learn from their mistakes so that future results day experiences can be more positive.

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