Library Hit By More Embarrassing Delays

We interrupt this holiday to bring you an important transmission – the library is to be delayed yet again.

The seemingly mythical John Henry Brookes building has been hit with further delays and will not open for the beginning of this term despite previous promises from the university authorities.

The Tab has been tracking (or attempting to) the library delays from the very beginning.

The building was first meant to open in September 2013 but in May that year it was reported that the building would open in stages throughout the first semester. In October news broke that no part of the building would be ready for use until January 2014 at the earliest.

All we have to console us is artists impressions.

All we have to console us is an artist’s impression.

Finally, there were the ‘will they/won’t they?’ rumours of moving books over the Christmas holidays. These were quashed by Brookes on 6th December who reassured students that the books would be moved over the holidays and ready in time for semester two.

But today the hat-trick of delays was complete and the embarrassing news admitted: the books were not to be moved after all.

In an email from the Brookes registrar students were told that “the building will not be able to open for the beginning of Semester 2” although no reason was provided.

It also said: “We, along with the contractors, are determined to make sure that the building provides a truly positive and inspiring experience for all those who use it.”

An all-too familiar sight.

An all-too familiar sight.

That “all” however is quickly diminishing in numbers. It seems unlikely that students who have been around since work began in January 2011 and forced to work through the construction noise and general confusion, will ever reap the rewards.

A Brookes University spokesman told The Tab: “A new timetable for moves is currently being worked on. This work will need to take place before a decision is made on when the new library will be ready for use.”

“Building projects of this size typically entail a challenging schedule [and we are planning a] phased move into the building during the second semester of the 2013/14 Academic Year.”

So far all the building seems to be inspiring is procrastination, something clearly practised by all ranks of the University.

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