Third year Scot’s rant about the British Lions goes viral

“It has become a Welsh tour with others only invited out of obligation”

New Student rent strike at the University of Bristol

Their demands have been sent to the Vice-Chancellor

Wills Meme-orial Building: We talk to the men behind the memes

“We are the meme makers and we are the memers of memes”

Philosopher threatened with no-platforming to speak at Bristol SU

Union Officers had concerns over his views on homosexuality

Colston Hall to be renamed because of its ‘offensive’ slave trade links

Bristol Music Trust want to rid the venue of ‘toxic’ branding

Zara skirt pulled from website due to resemblance to ‘Pepe the Frog’

What do you meme?

Cabot Circus Student Sessions is happening on Tuesday

50% discounts across the centre

Bernie Sanders is coming to Bristol

He’ll be speaking at an event in June

Opinion: Why it would be wrong to rename Wills Memorial

A response to the creator of the petition

A Bristol student has created a petition to NOT change the name of the Wills Memorial Building

The debate continues

Bristol SU officers want Wills Memorial Building renamed

The Facebook response has not been positive

Bristol’s Bearpit is to undergo long-awaited regeneration


Varsity football at risk of being cancelled

The announcement comes after “events that occurred at the Varsity Rugby matches”

Epigram to introduce page 3 girl

Students apply inside

Varsity water polo turns nasty as UWE student brutally attacks UOB opponent

The Bristol student had to go to A&E with a broken nose

Violence and sexism mar Bristol Varsity Rugby

‘Some of those chants were absolutely disgusting’

A double decker gin bus is coming to Bristol

There’s also a “Bubble Decker” serving prosecco