The Rent Strikers have forced UoB to make 400 rooms cheaper

Meet the local team

UoB will now investigate slavery links two years after rejecting Wills renaming

85 per cent of UoB’s original funding came from slavery

UoB places in top five unis for the largest imbalance between students from richest and poorest areas

The percentage of students from privileged backgrounds is one of the highest in the country

Students petition for UoB to adopt a Zero Suicides Pledge

‘Losing a student is an extremely heart-breaking experience for all of us and this needs to stop’

Bristol students go on ‘rent strike’ and deny uni £100k in rent

Organisers say their action will cost UoB over £100k in withheld rent

Bristol kicked student out by email and letter weeks before he died by suicide

He was in contact with 30 uni staff before his death

New BME officer allowed to keep Bristol SU role despite leveling anti-Semitic comments at a Jewish student

Omar Chowdhury told the student to ‘be like Israel and cease to exist’

SU ‘fast-track’ Omar Chowdhury probe as groups slam ‘be like Israel and cease to exist’ comment

The SU’s new BME officer went on an unprovoked rant below a Bristruth

Revealed: Bristol Uni tried to block affordable new halls scheme

Bristol wanted the idea to be ‘removed from the proposal altogether’