The six best places to get a banging Sunday roast in Bristol

Skip the effort and the washing up and let one of these Bristolian venues treat you this Sunday

It’s a Sunday morning and you’re violently hungover. It feels like nothing could ever cure it, right? Well, wrong. There’s nothing a good Sunday roast couldn’t fix. 

I did the work for you and found the best Sunday roasts in Bristol so you can skip the research and make your Sunday plans already. 

Just keep in mind that people are a lot more serious than you’d think about Sunday roasts so chances are you won’t find a table if you walk into any of these places. So get booking and consider yourself warned.

The Hatchet Inn

You can’t go wrong with the oldest pub in Bristol, The Hatchet Inn. Their carvery includes pork and beef options as well as a vegetarian/vegan menu that changes weekly, served with a wide selection of vegetables and as much gravy as you fancy.

Feel free to drown in a pool of gravy (see the BeReal below) or have a fair amount on the side, your choice. If you don’t fill yourself up to a point where you can’t even move, why not carry the party upstairs and have a game of pool?

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The Volunteer Tavern

This charming local pub has a fair amount of seating, both indoors and outdoors with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. If luck’s on your side and the sun’s out, treat yourself to a pint at their garden with heating and fairy lights for immaculate vibes.

You might have to wait a bit for your food, but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of stuff to read and analyse on the walls. With their Sunday roasts, you can choose between different types of meat, and they also have impressive vegetarian and vegan options. 

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The Christmas Steps

This beautiful spot full of history is one of Bristol’s most critically acclaimed Sunday roasts. Everyone knows and loves the iconic Christmas Steps, one could even say your experience at Bristol isn’t complete until you visit the Christmas Steps. So why not save yourself the trouble of cooking a Christmas dinner with your flatmates only to find yourself with a big pile of washing up to do and combine your next trip to the Christmas Steps with a nice treat?

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Pipe and Slippers

You can find this cosy pub right in the heart of Stokes Croft where all the good vibes usually are. Their Sunday roast is from Tucha’s Kitchen who definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to roast dinners.

They’re not only vegetarian/vegan friendly but indecisive friendly as well. If you don’t know what to choose, go for their mixed option that has the best of all worlds –  lamb, pork and beef all on one plate. Just make sure you visit on an empty stomach.

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The Gallimaufry

This iconic & independent bar, restaurant and live music venue is located in every indie Bristol Uni students’ favourite place, Gloucester Road. Meaning they obviously have a bunch of vegan and gluten free options (and a cauliflower cheese that is to die for).

If you fall in love with the place like I think you will, and you take pride in your musical abilities, go back on Mondays for their open mic night and play them a song or two.

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Credit: @theboujeebristolians on Instagram

The Canteen

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A good time is always guaranteed at the Canteen. I’m assuming you’ve all been there to collect your free drinks gifted so generously by Bristol Uni, but have you seen their Sunday roast menu yet?

Their menu is 100 per cent veggie/vegan and the restaurant has been awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s highest ever rating. So you’re not just having a bloody lovely Sunday dinner, you’re doing your part in saving the world, pretty much. 

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