I went to every charity shop on Gloucester Road and ranked them so you know where to get the best garms

Because sometimes a good charity shop crawl is the only exercise you need

There are certain unwritten rules about being a student in Bristol. They seem to include wearing an oversized faux leather coat, a pair of low-rise cargo pants and a having genuine belief that you’re not like other Bristol students. 

If you think you’re falling behind on this very unique sense of fashion, here’s a quick guide on how to shop the look.

Gloucester Road is famous for its countless vintage stores and charity shops, but it might be daunting to have infinite options, especially if you’re clueless about where to start. I decided to take a look and judge them based on their value for money, range and quality so you don’t have to.

Treasured 12 – 3.5/5

You’ll find this cute and chaotic charity shop on Cheltenham Road. Even though it looks compact, it contains a wide variety of random items just waiting to be discovered.

Much like curiosity shops, you never know what you’re going to find and this shop is perfect for a rummage. As it’s quite packed, the rummaging might be more time-consuming compared to other charity shops that are easier to navigate.

RePsycho – 3.5/5

Moving onto the vintage category, RePsycho offers a wide selection of vintage jackets, sunglasses, boots and tons of accessories – as well as home decor and kitchenware over three floors. The funky patterns are as eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing as ever, but just a fair warning, the price tags aren’t as pretty to look at.

Cats Protection Charity Shop – 4/5

You’ll find this charity shop higher up on Gloucester Road but it’s definitely worth the trek. They had lots of cute decorations (not all of them were cat themed, unfortunately) and tons of jackets and dresses. Plus, by shopping here, you’re practically changing the world, one kitten at a time. 

Shelter – 5/5

Shelter has an exhaustive range from artworks to kitchenware, and from clothes to electronics! It’s very spacious, but there isn’t a single corner that’s empty. There’s plenty of stock to browse and the fresh and tidy atmosphere is just icing on top. 

Cancer Research UK – 5/5

Cancer Research had an impressively wide kitchenware and home decor collection with an extensive range of coats and jackets, so uncoincidentally, we ended up spending most of our time here and it was worth every second.

If you’re having a themed drinking night and looking for a last minute costume, this should be your first stop. Or if you’ve started planning your next Halloween costume already, you know where to go. 

Fabulous Vintage – 5/5

Last but certainly not least, it’s Fabulous Vintage, where every visit is a different experience. They have a varied collection of vintage clothes from different decades and eras in a funky setting with separate floors and a garden! Whether you’re looking for some clothes for a fancy dress party, or to diversify your wardrobe with some cool pieces, this place is worth a visit!

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