A definitive ranking of Bristol’s best Halloween costumes from terrifying to terrible

Anyone with enough dedication to cover their whole face in paint and wear a bald cap deserves a 10

Halloween materialised this year as a heavy 3 day weekend of drinking, raving and most importantly, walking around the streets of Bristol dressed up looking like a dickhead.

Bristol students, some of you absolutely pulled it out the bag and created some master pieces. Whether you went for sexy or funny this year, thank you for sharing your pictures with us so I can now be ruthlessly judgemental and rank you all. 

Yes chef 2/10

I’m confused, where is the little rat which is meant to go in your hat? I like the chefs jackets and your little moustaches though. 

Solo mission 4/10

On the right there is your every day angel and devil, okay there’s a clown in there to mix it up a tiny bit. But on the left you’ve got this looming stormtrooper in a fully decked out fit with authentic gun and helmet. The suit brings it up slightly but your friends and their minimal effort let you down. 

A weirdly accurate BoJack Horseman 5/10

This photo is screaming siblings or dating to me.

Anything with a wig is automatically a 5/10 and these two have a nice, authentic height difference. 

“I’ve turned us into masks Morty” 6/10

Rick with a chain and sunglasses? That must be Cool Rick.

Bonus point for the ominous looking banana in the background.

Get out of my swamp 7/10

I’m not saying you guys look like ogres but you did chose the perfect pair to dress up as. The long gingerish hair on Fiona and the bald head on Shrek, are you guys sure that you’re not the real characters? 

Are you alright Bob Ross? 7/10

This had to be included simply for the great photo and how evocative it is. The invasive way it makes you feel as if you’re about to be painted on, the lifeless eyes, the huge curls which reach forward are all chefs kiss.

Monsters Bristol University 8/10

The home made Sulley suit and the monster hats are really impressive.

This definitely looks like you’re dressing up as the characters during their time at Monsters University from the way you’re downing their bevs. 

The stuff of nightmares 9/10

I…I’m not sure what is going on here. Baby limbs around a head and a dummy? 9/10 for originality, craftsmanship and how disturbing you all look because Halloween is meant to be scary.

I like the in incorporation of the sunglasses too, very cohesive as a trio. 

Cursed Kermit 10/10

Omg what an adorable couples costume, not traumatising at all. 

Anyone with enough dedication to cover their whole face with paint and wear a bald cap deserves a 10.

Willy Wonka 11/10 

Nothing’s better than a whole group costume and none of you shied away from the challenge. 

Perfect angle and execution of this photo but I want to know, how did you decide who got to be the Willy Wonka? Did it create some tension within the group? 

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