what to do in Bristol

Your mate from another uni is visiting for the weekend, here’s exactly what to do with them

Why not immediately force them to march up Brandon Hill?

We often brag to our home mates about how good our uni-life is at Bristol. The clubs, the people and possibly your digs, you’re thriving better than ever. So when they book a trip to the cocaine capital of Europe, you know you’ve got to back up your words and supply your home-friends with a trip they won’t forget.

This may seem easy, you’ve still got two weeks till they arrive. You don’t have to plan what to do in Bristol yet. Though as the endless lectures and club-nights pass you by, you are frightened by a deeply concerning message; “See you tomorrow!”. Shit this isn’t something another three Vk’s will solve.

Don’t worry, The Bristol Tab have planned a perfect day for you and your friends to enjoy, that doesn’t include chilling in your room with the blinds down.

Brandon Hill (14:00)

what to do in Bristol

Think your friend forking out for a five hour train wasn’t enough? Why not immediately force them to march up Brandon Hill, only to reach the top and see every bench full. Well at least the views make up for it.

Voi together (15:00)

what to do in Bristol

By now you’re both probably wishing that Bristol’s geography took after the Netherlands and not the Himalayas. Show your friend every Bristol student’s favourite mode of transport, the Voi. Fit two of you on if you’re feeling cheap or dangerous.

Arnolfini (16:00)

If the weather is proving reliably unreliable and you don’t feel like traipsing around the city any more, a visit to the Arnolfini provides an excellent opportunity to impress your home friends with an exhibit that isn’t crabs in a shower.

Clifton wine and dine (18:00)

what to do in Bristol

Time for a treat, a meal in the lovely “village” of Clifton. Giggling Squid, Nutmeg or a Bristol classic Eat a Pitta. Could even show them the suspension bridge whilst you’re there.

“What do you mean we’re having pres in your uni?” (20:00)

Let’s be honest your friends probably have seen as many spoons as there are grains of sand in Weston-Super-Mare. So take them to the Balloon Bar or Senate Bar for a very cheap pres and simultaneously show them how much Bristol Students love a drink whilst they write their diss.

Both facilitate £1.45 pints (on a Wednesday), £4 Aperols and you can get pissed in the vicinity of that pub quiz/karaoke that seems to be on every bloody night. Bon Appetite.

The Night Out (23:00)

Now comes the big shabang, hitting the town and where’s more iconic then the triangle. Vk’s galore, the same LED lights you have in your bedroom and mediocre tunes. Your friends can now pretty much say they go to UoB after experiencing these delights. 

However if you want to escape the hustle and bustle and prove you’re part of the Bristol “scene”, there’s always an event to splash out on.

Hangxiety Brunch (12:00)

Now as you crawl out of your sheets, hungover and your friend rolls off the sofa, back broken, it’s time for you to say your final goodbyes.

Nowhere is better for the uni bender debrief and recovery, then brunch at one of the local cafes. Capping off your friends Bristol visit and making it one they and their chiropractor will never forget.

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