The nine best things to do in Bristol if you’re single for Valentine’s Day

Who said Valentine’s Day was just for couples??

Have you been stressing about what to get your partner on the 14th of February for the past few weeks and hoping it’s good enough to be posted on Instagram?

If you will be hastily blowing up heart shaped balloons in the morning to put next to the chocolates which were cheap, but don’t look cheap, this article is not for you.

In other words, you lucky singles this one’s for you. We’ve put together an excellent list of nine different things you can do in Bristol on Valentine’s Day. 


Make your evening thematic and slightly exciting by indulging in a nice bit of self-love. Use this public holiday as an excuse to treat yourself by doing a face mask and having a bath, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your gaff.

Cook yourself your favourite meal, light a candle and pop on “How to be Single” or “Sex in the City” to make sure you feel empowered by your single status. 

Fine dining in Spoons

Is there anything more romantic than a trip to spoons? Probably, but nothing as cheap.

Choose a friend, multiple or none and pamper yourselves by receiving two mains, two desserts and two drinks, all for just £20. Go all out and adore yourself by paying an extra £5 for a whole bottle of Prosecco.

Get dressed up and sweep yourself off your feet with the charming sticky Wetherspoons tables and the dreamy plastic Covid dividers. 

Relive first year and go to BED Mondays

If you’re a loyal customer of Gravity’s BED Mondays you will be pleased to hear that the bustling club is open and hosting a traffic light party.

This is a scandalous theme where you must wear the colour that corresponds to your relationship status. Cover yourself in crimson if you’re taken and not looking to be chatted up beneath the romantic flashing LED’s. Amber means your liaison with love is complicated at the minute but a potential snog is not off the table. Green indicates that you are raring to go and eager to begin making your way through the singles that Gravity has to offer.  

or if you really are too old for BED: Lakota Island

Perhaps a more favourable option to consider if you’re looking for a heavy night out in Bristol is Lakota’s ‘Lakota Island’.

Not only might you meet the Molly-Mae to your Tommy but when you buy a ticket, you are automatically entered into a prize draw for a flight to Mallorca. Nothing will soften the blow of being single more than winning flights to Mallorca and it is far better to be single on a beach than in the grimy UK.

Expect student night drink prices and disco tunes alongside club classics. It is free entry before 11 but if you wish to have a chance at winning that holiday you must buy a ticket for £5.56. 

Paint a penis

If you’re looking for something more intimate, get personal with some naked bodies this Valentine’s Day.

I am not talking about heading over to Dare to Club and taking part in a sex positive event, although that could be another activity to participate in on the day of love. I am instead referring to a life drawing class that is taking place as Strange Brew from 6-8pm.

Fall in love with the human form by candlelight at this very inclusive session which is focused on appreciating all types and shapes of the human form. Go on a date with your creative side and experiment with all different materials which are provided and included in the small entry fee of just £5. 

Text your ex

This day of love might have you considering the ones that got away. Perhaps you want to rekindle the flame that burned between you and another.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to embrace your toxic side and send that “I miss you” message to your ex. Meet up in an attempt to get back together or maybe just because you’re bored and it’ll be a good story.

Galentine’s Day/ Malentine’s Day

An old time favourite is to hang out with all your other single friends and try desperately not to dwell on the fact that’s what you have in common for the night. Look out for each other and have a lovely evening making your favourite cocktails. Students, find solace together and catch up on the most recent Six Nations matches. Whatever you do, don’t think about your relationship status.

Get down to a pub quiz

Follow your head not your heart and go to The Quiz on the Hill at The Hare on the Hill where you can win drinks, snacks and a surprise from the bonus round. It’s a £2 entry fee and there is no limit on the size of your team, so take your whole Hiatt Baker flat of 24 and try not to feel like the least clever on the team. 

Have a giggle

Rather than get teary eyed at home while watching everyone else go on their dates, for only £7 you can go and cry with laughter at The Bristol Fringe.

President Obonjo is a character that pokes fun at contemporary bigots and has been in the comedy game for 10 years. 

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