21 memes that will just make sense to Bristol Uni students

Come and procrastinate with us

Whether you are in your first term at UoB or quickly approaching your last term, these 21 memes will make sense to every Bristol student.

Some think that this is the time to prepare for winter deadlines and January exams, however these 21 memes give you the perfect excuse to procrastinate.

Here’s a round-up of the best:

1. Stay alert, control the virus, go to work

2. Gotta be seen on Woodland road 

3. You’ve probably just got common initials 

4. Oh how I don’t miss this 

5. Maybe next year?

6. I was woken at 1 am by noisy students having fun 

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook




























7. £5 for a small donner??? Get me two 

8. Need I say much more…

9. Still going there in between a library sesh

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook

10. Only way to relive those Thursday nights out on the triangle 

11. Oh you poor thing 

12. Lakota Gardens though

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook

13. Gyros and chips, please? 

14. Did I tell you about my gap yahhh? 


15. Shameless plug 

16. When they put you in breakout groups…whoops the WIFI might have gone again 

17. Trust fund 

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook

18. I want a refund 

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook

19. Sports night 

Meme credit: @Willsmemeorial on Facebook

20. Just get the train to Cardiff

21. What’s worse than a heartbreak?

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Photos: @Thebristoltab and @Willsmemeorial 

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