Bristol students warned of ‘dangerous batch of ketamine’ going round the South West

Ketamine is now being investigated as a contributing factor to two recent deaths

Bristol Uni students have been alerted in an email about a “dangerous batch of Ketamine” that may be circulating in the South West.

This comes after the deaths of a 25-year-old man and an 18-year-old university student, where South Wales Police are currently investigating ketamine as a factor that may have contributed to their deaths. Ketamine is also being investigated in the recent death of a Cardiff first year student, and the deaths of three students in Newcastle.

The police have said in a statement: “Users of controlled drugs are once again reminded that they should be aware that they can never be 100 per cent sure of exactly what they are taking.

“These drugs are illegal and there is every possibility that they may contain a cocktail of toxic ingredients”

In the email Alison Golden, Director of Student Health and Inclusion, said: “Mixing drugs, including alcohol can be extremely dangerous. The effects will be exaggerated and it could prove fatal”.

Bristol Uni recently launched the Bristol Drugs Project, to provide students with information and advice on drugs, as well as providing drug testing kits. They also run drop-in information sessions, and provide details of when these sessions are on their webpage.

Ruth Day, Bristol SU Student Living Officer, described this project as “long overdue”, as she told The Bristol Tab: “I think it is important to recognize that some students will choose to use alcohol and other drugs, so we need to be doing all we can to reduce the harms that come with this.”

If you are worried about your own drug usage or your friends’ use of drugs, and would like to talk to someone about your wellbeing, you can fill out a Wellbeing Access form by clicking here. 

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