In Pictures: Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest in Bristol City Centre

‘Fear is the currency of control’

The online group Stand Up Bristol organised a large protest on Saturday against the government’s current lockdown measures.

The crowds marched from College Green through Cabot Circus and back to hold a rally, which resulted in police intervention and their main speaker, Piers Corbyn, being arrested.  Avon and Somerset Police confirmed to The Bristol Tab that 14 people were arrested at the protest.

Protesters could be seen with banners with slogans such as “fear is the currency of control” and “I do not consent”.

Here is what it was like in pictures:

Protestors were shouting “we are free people” and “freedom”.

Chief Inspector Mark Runacres said “While we understand the right to freedom of expression is an important part of our democracy, protests aren’t currently allowed under coronavirus regulation.”

“And so unlike previous protests which have taken place during the pandemic, we couldn’t legally or morally facilitate today’s event.”

Avon and Somerset police said “unlike the first lockdown, protests are not exempt” “The gathering is unlawful and putting others at risk”.

All photos: SWNS

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