Bristol uni to move teaching online from December 3rd

Teaching will change on a programme by programme basis

Bristol University has confirmed that all teaching will move online from December 3rd.

A uni-wide email was sent to students this evening to clarify that the programme of blended learning will end on December 3rd to allow students to return home for Christmas.

This follows a government announcement permitting students to return home between the 3rd and 9th of December in a “student travel window”.

The university also announced today that they want to offer mass testing to students before the Christmas break.

The university stated that teaching will change on a “programme by programme basis” and students should expect to hear from their course imminently. Almost all undergraduate and postgraduate students are expected to be able to return home during the government’s travel period without missing any teaching.

Performance-based and practice-based courses are likely move online too towards the end of the government travel window.

Campus facilities, including the library, will remain open for students throughout this period.

Bristol university does not yet know if they have been selected to offer mass testing to students but in the email they stated “they expect to know if Bristol has been selected shortly”.

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