We spoke to the Bristol barber shop that delivered 300 free beers to The Courtrooms

Finally someone responded to the endless post-it notes

Bristol barbershop South Central Barbers took it upon themselves to deliver 300 beers to isolating students in The Courtrooms yesterday, after seeing post-it note signs in the windows saying “send beer”.

The random act of kindness was organised by barber Robin Maksimczyk, and his colleagues, who had to make “four different runs” to Tesco to deliver enough beer for all of the students.

Robin told us: “Every time I’m walking to the shop I walk past The Courtrooms as well, and I started seeing these signs pop up in the window. I then saw one that said ‘send beer’ and thought that would be a nice thing to do”.


South Central Barbers, located just down the street from The Courtrooms, have already had messages through on their Instagram from students thanking them for the beer.

They posted a mini vlog of their heroic mission on Instagram, which said: “It’s heartbreaking to know that poor students are locked down in halls with no beers”. This has been shared around, and prompted a lot of grateful messages.

Robin told us that he feels a lot of sympathy for the freshers in lockdown: “Everyone puts these signs up in the windows and you don’t really expect anything from it. It can get really monotonous in lockdown, I know what it was like during lockdown myself bouncing around the walls of my little flat.

“It’s a bit of a crappy time for them, so we did it as a bit of a laugh and to brighten up their day really.”

The team at South Central who want to be “the most student friendly barbershop in Bristol”

Robin also said security had no idea they were turning up with the beers, and they hoped that they would be allowed in with them as otherwise they would “have a lot of beer to get through” themselves.

Once they were in, the building’s management were “initially a bit taken aback” but then “more than happy” to help distribute the beer out amongst the students.

Robin said that South Central Barbers, who offer student deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, want to be “the most student friendly barbershop in Bristol”. He said: “We want to make ourselves known, and this is a really nice way to do it”.

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