Over 1,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at Bristol Uni

The uni have reported a total of 1,012 positive cases between staff and students

Bristol Uni have reported over 1,000 positive cases of coronavirus in total between their student and staff population.

996 students have reported that they have tested positive for the virus, while 16 staff members have also tested positive. This brings the current total up to 1,012 cases.

The university only started announcing positive case numbers on the 7th October, so in the space of 13 days the total number of cases has increased by 736 per cent

This is the highest number of new cases announced since the 14th October.

Students have been informing the university through the student self-reporting form in order to “minimise the risk to others and keep everyone safe.”

After a whole accommodation block went into lockdown, the university introduced Mobile Testing Units exclusively for staff and students. There is one located in Stoke Bishop, and another on campus on University Walk.

The university has also advised that “if you have symptoms of coronavirus you, and all members of your household, must self-isolate until you have your test results.”

A graph by The Bristol Tab showing the rise in cases

Self-isolation has expanded out of university halls of residence, with other year groups in private housing self-isolating and unable to attend face-to-face teaching.

Students isolating in halls are being given boxes of food worth a minimum of £50 at the start of each week, and The Courtrooms even received 300 beers from a generous local barber shop.

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