Bristol Uni Women’s Rugby team launch fundraiser to save their club

The effects of the pandemic have put the future of the club at risk

The Bristol University Women’s Rugby club (UBWRFC) have started a fundraiser to save their club, after being impacted by the economic effects of Covid-19.

On their Go-Fund Me page, the club said: “The economic impact of this pandemic is far-reaching, and UBWRFC is not immune to the financial struggles faced by the University of Bristol.”

Due to the pandemic UBWRFC’s usual club sponsors have been struggling and the University of Bristol have been “diverting their funding elsewhere”, which has put the future of the club at risk.

This comes after a very successful start to the year, which saw the club surpass 100 paying members and become the biggest Women’s Rugby university team in the UK.

The team now find themselves “facing challenges we never anticipated”.

The Bristol Tab spoke to the club Treasurer, Ellie McCarthy, who told us: “We started this fundraiser to improve the financial stability of our club during this difficult time, helping us to support our staff and members. The engagement so far has been overwhelming.”


The club captain, Caitlin Trevithick, stressed to The Bristol Tab how important it is that the club keeps running: “UBWRFC isn’t just a university sports club, it’s a family, and brings a sense of belonging among our members.

“Not only does rugby provide a welcome distraction from the stress of assessment-lead university life” she said, “but it plays a powerful role in improving mental and physical health through socialisation and competition.

“We believe it’s vital that we continue to provide this supportive community for all of our members, now more than ever.”

“UBWRFC isn’t just a university sports club, it’s a family” Photo: Ellie McCarthy

Treasurer Ellie also expressed her gratitude over the donations so far: “Thank you to all our incredible club members, alumni, family, and friends who have shared our fundraising page and donated.”

So far, the “Covid-19 Appeal” has over £2000 in donations, with a goal of raising £5000 for the club. The donations would help fund expenses such as the cost of student-led transport to local matches and club physio sessions.

Feature Image credit: UBWRFC

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