Bristol Free Speech Society abandons own Facebook group as it becomes too toxic

Recent discussions on the group have deteriorated into ‘insults and bigotry’

The Bristol Free Speech Society have abandoned their own Facebook group after recent discussions have deteriorated into “insults, personal attacks and bigotry”.

The admins announced the comments have been a “persistent issue” and obstruct “civil and constructive discussion” on the group, leading them to abandon the group.

From today the page, which was originally called “Bristol against censorship”, will return to its original name with BFSS committee members no longer being admins.

In a Facebook post to the group, the admins said: “The Bristol Free Speech Society committee has made the decision to disassociate from this group. This was not an easy decision, but it is the one we feel is best for the society and its mission of fostering free speech as a civil and constructive discussion.

“Recent events have thrown into light once again the propensity of discussion on this page to deteriorate into insults, personal attacks and bigotry. This has been persistent issue for quite some time now, and the new society committee does not believe the group in its current form is conducive towards free and open, civil and constructive discussion.

“We no longer feel that it is in line with the society’s vision of free speech to administer this page. We contemplated deleting the group entirely, but felt that this would be unfair to those members who were members before our society’s takeover of it”

The BFSS announced that they will be maintaining their primary Facebook page and will still be holding weekly discussion groups.

They said, “We believe strongly in free speech and will continue in our mission to uplift marginalised voices and spread interesting perspectives.”

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