Meet the UoB student who has become TikTok famous for painting Jenga blocks

The fame we have at this uni is astonishing

Yet another University of Bristol student has been climbing the ranks of TikTok over lockdown, and has landed over 109,000 followers by painting Jenga blocks and computer keyboard keys.

The account belongs to Kira Goode (@kira_goode), an Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Innovation student going in to fourth year, who told the Bristol Tab that she “wanted an excuse to get back into arty things, and thought why not document it”.

Since she started, Kira has gained 2 million likes on her videos. She told us she “never expected” to be so successful on the platform.

Kira, who flexes her UoB Waterpolo sports fleece in almost every TikTok, started her account by personalising an old keyboard, a process which took over 60 individual videos to complete.

After completing the keyboard, her fans suggested painting movie and TV show themes on to Jenga blocks. So far, Kira has painted all of the Harry Potter titles onto blocks, along with other classic films such as Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc and, of course, Shrek.

Kira told us, “After I did the 64 Zoo Lane block I now get so many requests to do really young kids TV programmes like In The Night Garden”.

She said that her favourite block to paint was the movie “Up”, where she illustrated the iconic house with the balloons onto one side of the block. The video itself got over 838k views.

In response to her videos, Kira said: “I get a lot of ‘I love you’ comments, which I find super strange but it’s nice!”

In true spirit of the Innovation side of her degree, she has also used her TikTok following to start her own business painting little plant pots to order.

Kira said: “I love that people like my stuff enough that they’d be willing to pay for it. That’s actually insane to me.”

All photos: Kira Goode TikTok (@kira_goode)

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