XR activists have climbed Bristol City Hall and refuse to come down

They say they will not come down until Bristol City Council commit to ensuring legally clean air for Bristol

At 5am this morning, five Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists climbed up to the roof of City Hall and are refusing to come down until Bristol City Council commit to ensuring legally clean air for every suburb of Bristol.

This is part of XR’s week of action, which is protesting against the lack of action by Bristol City Council over the illegal levels of air pollution in Bristol.

The group hammered a list of demands for clean air to the door of city hall at the start of the week.

In a press release Bristol’s regional XR Coordinator Pete Hughes said: “This is not an unreasonable commitment to require from a city that was the first in the UK to declare a Climate Emergency in November 2018.

“In no other context would you see people using the word ‘emergency’ but taking so little practical action.

“Bristol is already lagging behind the measures introduced by other UK cities. Our air pollution not only has appalling effects for the people of the city, but it is contributing to the planetary climate and ecological emergency.”

Support our rebels on the roof by sending a letter to your counsellor demanding legally clean air for Bristol by April…

Posted by Extinction Rebellion Bristol on Thursday, 25 June 2020

Hughes also stressed the need for a “clear plan of action” with “target and milestone dates”: “That’s how the changes we desperately need will be made.”

“The proposed Clean Air Zone is already very limited in scope, and the Mayor is talking of delaying its implementation due next March.

“We had clean air during lockdown. We know that pollution levels will rise as economic activity returns. All we’re asking at this stage is that air pollution doesn’t rise above the maximum legal limit defined by the World Health Organisation WHO/European regulations.

“We want the Mayor and the council to make a public commitment to that, and we’re not coming down until we have it.”

All photos: Simon Holliday

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