UoB professor David Miller resigns from Labour because of the ‘Zionist Movement’

Miller resigned during an investigation into his conduct

Professor David Miller from the University of Bristol has resigned from the Labour Party citing ‘the Zionist movement’ as the main reason for his resignation.

David Miller was suspended from the Labour Party four weeks ago, after he claimed that Keir Starmer, the current Labour party leader, was in receipt of ‘Zionist money’.

The Bristol professor confirmed in a statement that he had received two letters from Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit. Those letters outlined allegations against Miller and stated that he “may be in breach” of party rules.

He decided to resign before the results of the investigation into his conduct had been announced.

Miller wrote that he believed this suspension “has much to do with my record of evidence-based research on the Zionist movement and its influence on the British left and British politics more widely.”

“As my work shows, the Zionist movement is an actually existing transnational network of organisations, which work tirelessly to justify Israel’s ongoing dispossession of the Palestinain. It works in collaboration with the leading Western imperial powers, most obviously the US and UK.”

Last year, the Community Security Trust called Bristol University “an utter disgrace” over its response to a complaint made against David Miller by the Jewish society.

Featured image: Anna Brees on Youtube