Statue of black Bristolian playwright ‘bleached’ by vandals

This is the first black man to have had a statue built in his honour in Bristol

A statue of Alfred Fagon, a Jamaican poet, playwright and actor has been doused in a bleach-like liquid.

It is suspected the attack happened between Tuesday and Wednesday. It was reported to police on Thursday.

Avon and Somerset Police are talking with Bristol City Council to establish whether the statue has had any permanent damage.

The monument was erected in St Pauls, Bristol, in 1987. Alfred Fagon is the first black man to have a statue built in their honour, in Bristol.

Mr Fagon was born in Jamaica and arrived in England in 1955. He worked several jobs before becoming a renowned actor and playwright.

Members of the local community have been left shocked and frustrated by the attack. Radio presenter Docta Flex recorded a Facebook live to rebuke the culprits.

He said: “This is what you call a violation. They violated a black statue”.

This attack comes days after the Black Lives Matter protestors tore down the statue of Edward Colston, a prominent Bristolian slave trader. The monument, which will be placed in a local museum, was fished out of the water earlier this week.

Picture credits:SWNS