Bristol Uni student organises original film festival during lockdown

The festival starts today!

Tired of watching of re-runs of Tiger King whilst you pray for Lockdown to end? Finished your dissertation and don’t know how to spend all your newly discovered free time?

Bristol University student, Daniel Sved, is running an online short film and animation festival to help fill the uni shaped void in your life.

The work featured on the “Indoors Project” has been made and produced by fifteen Bristol university students, who have all taken a break from snorting ket and irritating their parents to write and direct original screenplays.

All the films have been made in isolation and social distancing measures have been obeyed throughout the process. Rehearsals have taken place over zoom and animators have been ripping out paper from old sketch books to draw on. Film makers have even managed to convince family members to act in productions (I wish my parents were that talented).

Indoors Project – Festival trailer

WELCOME TO THE INDOORS PROJECT: A FESTIVAL OF FILMS MADE OVER 7 WEEKS IN LOCKDOWN Programme (for the first two weeks):20th May – 'Big' by Guy Woods and Max Kent-Isaacs22nd May – 'Girl's Night' by Ismay Bickerton24th May -'Stupid Question' by Cameron Cook 26th May – 'Escape From The Country' by Joe Hewetson28th May – 'Summer Breaks' by Madeleine Sayers30th May – 'Get Fancy' by Tyler Carrigan1st June – 'Storytellers: Episode 1, Prunes on Toast' by Ada Player and Bron Waugh3rd June – 'The Massive F***ing Bender' by Laura MarcusDrawings by Rachel SvedMusic by Sam Richardson

Posted by Indoors Project on Saturday, 16 May 2020

Daniel Sved said: “The Indoors Project started as an idea between me and a friend to make one short film and just grew from there.

“I contacted filmmakers, whose work I admire, some are friends from university and others whose work I’d seen at Encounters film festival in Bristol and asked if they wanted to make a short film while in Isolation.

“The response I received was overwhelming.”

The festival is taking place entirely online with a new film coming out every other day from May 20th to June 19th.