Bristol student letting agency slashes rent by 50 per cent during coronavirus pandemic

Another letting agency has been less forgiving, prompting a rent strike

Penlane Ltd emailed all tenants yesterday to offer them a 50 per cent rent-cut during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Director of the Bristol-based student letting company wrote: “Penlane Ltd is incredibly aware of the current situation the world finds itself in, everyone is having to make changes and adjustments to their lives and we are aware of how this is affecting the student population.

“We know some of you would have lost jobs and incomes have been affected, we also ask you to be aware that Penlane Ltd needs to function as business and are continuing to pay its employees throughout this period.

“We would like to offer ALL our tenants a 50 per cent rent reduction on a month by month basis which will be evaluated towards the end of each month (depending on the current situation at that time), up until the end of the contract in June.”

Meanwhile, Digs recently took the opportunity to write to tenants reminding them that the next full instalment of rent is due on April 1.

The email reads: “This payment is due regardless of when your student loans come in and the current situation with Covid-19.

“We are expecting full rent to be paid in line with your tenancy agreement.

“If you are experiencing financial hardship because of Covid-19 then you will need to provide proof of this…”

Bristol, Cut The Rent, the organisation who won £130,000 in rent cuts in halls, are now taking on Digs with a fresh rent strike.

60 and Digs residents have currently pledged to support the rent strike, by signing this Google form.

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Posted by Bristol, Cut the Rent on Friday, 27 March 2020

Bristol, Cut The Rent also issued their demands on Facebook.

The student-led organisation called on Digs to “cancel the final rent payment due on the 1st of April and agree that tenants do not have to pay it at a later date.”

They also demand that Digs do “not penalise anyone legally or financially who is taking part in this action. This includes not charging anyone late fees for not paying their rent.”

If your landlord is cutting your rent because of the coronavirus, or equally, if they are not, let us know by emailing [email protected]