Mary-Jane’s Coffee Shop on Whiteladies closes amid Coronavirus fears

‘This will not be the first or last high street casualty’

Mary-Jane’s Coffee Shop has closed their flagship store on Whiteladies Road due to lack of custom amid the growing Coronavirus threat.

In a press release, the shop’s founder Jon Antioniou said: “We’d like to thank Bristolians for the warm welcome they have given us since we opened in May last year and all our customers who have been a pleasure to meet and serve.

“The high street is going through a challenging time in general but unfortunately, having just about survived a quiet winter with storm after storm battering our city, we are now facing the challenge of not being able to serve customers for an unknown period while the Coronavirus threat is in our city.

“This has sadly led to us taking the decision to close our coffee shop in Clifton.”

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As CBD helps to support your immune system, the coffee shop had seen a brief surge in customers as a result of COVID-19 fears. The store had also implemented a “tongue in cheek offer” of free toilet roll with every bottle of CBD purchased.

Antioniou commented: “While there isn’t a cure for Coronavirus, taking CBD will support your body’s endocannabinoid system which, in turn, supports your immune system.

“Many people now take CBD regularly to support these systems as well as other reported benefits CBD has for those suffering from anxiety or trouble sleeping.”

Mary Jane’s announced the sad news in an Instagram post.

The company encourages its customers, as well as regular and future users of CBD oil, to join them in their transition back to solely online sales and stress the importance of supplier transparency when purchasing the oil:

“Knowing what is in your CBD oil bottle is incredibly important and, in many cases, you simply can’t be sure.

“Mary-Jane’s will now sadly no longer be on the high street, but Mary-Jane’s CBD oil will continue to be a brand that people can trust online and we proudly display independent lab reports on our website.”

The store closed its doors for the final time on Wednesday 18th March.