Vulnerable students to be moved out of Orchard Heights where first UoB case of coronavirus was discovered

But most Orchard Heights residents are being told it’s safe to stay

Vulnerable residents are to be moved out of Orchard Heights, where the University of Bristol’s first case of coronavirus was discovered.

Students who fall into this category are those with “an existing respiratory illness or immune system condition,” an email from Unite Students reads.

Unite students have also organised a deep clean of the areas where the infected student may have been.

The student in question self-isolated away from Orchard Heights before displaying any symptoms.

Public Health England does not consider people to be infectious until they display symptoms, so the risk to residents at Orchard Heights remains low.

Unite Students also urge residents to avoid using public transport or attending social gatherings.

Archie Sansome, a first year student living at Orchard Heights, said: “I feel far more comfortable now we have been officially told and advised on what to do.

“I won’t be doing anything differently with regards to my living situation unless the situation worsens or am advised to do so. However I will likely stop using the communal spaces and going out as frequently.”

The University of Bristol are regularly updating a page on coronavirus. For more info, click here.