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UoB urges students to report racist Coronavirus related incidents

‘We are one international community’

The University of Bristol has urged students to report any instances of racism and health concerns related to the Corona Virus.

This comes after the spread of the virus to other parts of the world, with 15 cases found in the UK. 

Professor Sarah Purdy (Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience) has acknowledged that this is a worrying time for Chinese students and has said: “The health, welfare and safety of students and staff is the top priority for University leaders.

“Our university has a strong and proud history of welcoming Chinese students and staff to the UK, and indeed students from across South East Asia. They are very much part of our international community.

“As a University and a community, we do not tolerate racism in any form, and we encourage students and staff to report any incident of racial harassment and seek support from us.

“If any student or member of staff experiences an incident of prejudice or harassment connected with Coronavirus, or with anything else, we ask them to use our Report and Support service to report incidents anonymously or  contact the police”.

The University says it has been “supporting all our students and staff”, and has been providing “up-to-date advice from government health services and our student services”.

The statement also advised:  “The wearing of face masks is common practice as a precaution. This is not an indication of infection and our students should not be treated adversely as a result.

“At this difficult time, we ask that students and staff support their fellow friends and colleagues in solidarity. We are one international community.”