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Family of Jack Morgan collect his degree six months after he passed away

Jack Morgan’s family will attend graduation to collect his diploma

The family of a “uniquely selfless” Bristol student who passed away aged 22 from a rare cancer will attend his graduation ceremony.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Jack Morgan achieved a 2:1 in his Maths and Engineering degree.

Whilst receiving treatment, Jack ran an Instagram account and a blog, documenting his journey, which received considerable attention and gained more than 30,000 followers.

Talking to the BBC, his father said “he wanted to talk openly about his condition. He wanted to educate and inspire people”.

Dr Carl Henrik Ek, one of Jack’s tutors and a lecturer in computer science told the BBC: “He could see beyond the worries of grades and degrees and all these things.

“We didn’t talk too much about cancer because that was not really what seemed to define Jack”.

Jack was made a patron of a charity called Alike, which is set to be launched this year.

The charity is aimed to be a peer-to-peer platform for young people who are affected by cancer.

The family of Jack Morgan have also launched a clothing range called #bemorejack, with Lauren Mahon, the Girl v Cancer charity found to raise funds for the Hospice that supported him, the North London Hospice.

Jacks father told the BBC that the graduation would “be focusing on a young man who was debilitated but, against all odds, still continued to take his degree”.

As of this year, the university will award the Jack Morgan Maths Prize, which was named in his honour.